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AB 608 Passchendaele

Posted on October 30th, 2014

To honour the men of the Railways who fought in 1914-1918 the Steam Engine AB608 was named “Passchendaele”

5,000 railwaymen volunteered to fight and nearly 450 of them died.


In October 2014 the engine travelled to Glenbrook where a commemoration was held.



The Passchendaele Society also dedicated their flag with this prayer:

We gather this morning to dedicate this flag.
We pray that each time it is displayed,
all are reminded of the values and aims of this society.
May this flag serve as a public reminder of a rich past.
This morning we ask a blessing on the Passchendaele society,
Let this flag be a prompt to them to,
 re tell the story of Passchendaele.
We think this morning of all New Zealanders impacted by this battle,
Let this flag honour them each time it is displayed.