Last Post Association seeks help

Posted on December 16th, 2012

By the 9th July 2015 the buglers of past and present at the Menin Gate will have sounded the Last Post on 30,000 occasions. To commemorate this, the Last Post Association will publish a special edition book limited in numbers. This is where they need you to provide images of services at the Menin Gate.

Have you and your predecessors participated at any of the ceremonies over the past 87 years, do you have any particular anecdotes of the ceremonies that can be included, was there anything unique about any of the ceremonies that were attended?

Do you have photos of these ceremonies that can be published in the book? High resolution copies of the photos should ideally be received in various formats such as: jpegs, gif and tiff ­ files.

Is your relative commemorated on the Menin Gate? If so and you have a photograph, along with personal stories pertaining to your relative then please contact us, details below. High resolution copies of soldiers’ photos should ideally be received in the quoted formats such as: jpegs, gif and tiff ­ les. The purpose of this would be to use these stories for the book (a selection being made) and secondly to read out underneath the Menin Gate.”

More information can be found on their website on where you can use the form(s) to upload your story/stories and image(s).


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