RSA Affiliation

Posted on October 18th, 2012

Don McIver, the RNZRSA National President congratulating Ron on the admittance of the Society as an Affiliated Organisation of the RNZRSA.

At their Annual General meeting in Wellington on 15 to 17 October the National Council of the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association approved the admittance of the Passchendaele Society as an Affiliated Organisation effective from 1 November.

Graham Gibson, President of the Auckland RSA, Don McIver, the RNZRSA National President and Ron Longley, Passchendaele Society.

Ron Longley, Board member responsible for Related organisations, represented our Society at the National Council meeting. He said to the meeting that the Passchendaele Society has a lot in common with the RSA and that we look forward to partnering with them on the Fields of Remembrance project for the Word War One centennial commemorations. Ron also said on behalf of our Society that we are very proud to be affiliated to the RNZRSA.

A Passchendaele Society brochure, a covering letter and a Membership Application form was included in each of the satchels for the 350 Delegates. We anticipate applications for Association and individual membership of the Society from RSA’s and their members.

The two photos were taken in front of our Society’s new display banners that were kindly donated by the Auckland RSA.


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